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More and more people create and use a digital body on a regular basis.

Figureable is an artistic research project that explores our relationships to and with bodies through embodiment in games.

Throughout 2020 we focused on the gaming standard of exploitation as the go-to mechanic driving most gameplay. More often than not, you'll find yourself collecting, destroying, colonising or killing in your efforts to win most popular games. Rethinking this, we asked ourselves: what if it isn't your (virtual) body changing the environment, but rather your own body being altered in its course?

In 2021 we're turning this around and looking into the commodification of movement amidst the growing popularity of motion-based input technologies like VR. Movement is intimate, it carries our self-expression and identity. Its digitalisaiton brings with it exposure prone to exploitation.

This site documents our ongoing R&D work on games and virtual spaces engaging with the themes of body, environment and control.

Project team

Alexandra Barancová
Jae Perris

This project is funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

© 2021. Figureable.

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